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As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how the Regenerative Orthopaedics & Spine Institute has helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words. Here are some of our favorites.

Patient Testimonial-In Office

The recovery and overall professional standard that Dr. Rayappa holds himself to is truly commendable. I could not have asked for a better outcome or more attentive care. I highly recommend Dr. Rayappa andn his practice in general. -Daley Halter


Completed my first spinal surgery on me while I was 35 and I couldn't have asked for a better doctor doing it. He had his hands full of hand holding with me as I was very scared. Fast forward to now. He is still my official orthopaedic guy bc after my first surgery we discovered my SI joints are also bad and will need to be fused and that my entire thoracic spine is degenerative and collapsing with my whole spine being riddled with osteoarthritis.

At 36 and with no outside cause such as major trauma, the amount of degeneration I am experiencing should not be happening. To say the least I am scared. However, Dr. Ploska always has a way of making me feel better and like in his hands everything is going to be OK, even though there is no cure for me.

I can honestly and genuinely say there is no other doctor I would rather go through this part of my life with by my side. He's a magical doctor and amazing at his craft. Plan to wait if you decide to see him, as he treats his patients with respect and listens to them, so to him you are not just a number.

If you want to be just a number and get hurried through, find somewhere else to go bc he's not your guy and I say thank God he's not, bc more doctors need to be like him. I am glad to wait bc it means he's giving all of us the time we need to process and understand what is occurring, as for all of us these decisions effect our lives. Thank you Dr. Ploska for being truly amazing!!! – Ivy A.

The most amazing orthopaedic surgeon I have ever met!!! In fact, he is the only orthopaedic surgeon I trust to operate on my spine, which, at age 36, is deteriorating and riddled with osteoarthritis throughout its entire length. He has already performed one spinal fusion at my L5 & S1 and is completing 2 more surgeries on me to fuse my SI joints this summer.

He is kind, will listen when you as the patient tell him you know something is wrong, and advocate for you when necessary. Like I said before, there is NOBODY ELSE I will let operate on my spine except Dr. Ploska. – Ivy A.

Dr. Ploska is one of the best orthopedic surgeons! Aside from being a phenomenal surgeon, he is a very caring physician! He performed a surgery on my shoulder and also has injected my SI joints! I couldn't ask for a better physician and surgeon to care for me. I would recommend anyone to see him, he is wonderful! – Jo H.

Best doctor EVER! And I'm not a fan of any. Did my two back surgeries and made a BIG difference in my life. Thank you Dr. Magic Hands. – Lancelot C.

Best orthopedic surgeon with a great personality as well. – Cecile B.


I was referred to Dr. Ploska by my general doctor to be evaluated for my back and neck problems. He was thorough and very knowledgeable of all of my conditions, one of which I did not know I had, which was a problem with my right sacroiliac joint. Will have it fused in the future.

I have a broken back with a fusion and laminectomy. Also, my cervical spine was severely degenerated and he addressed this first. I had a fusion with 3 discs replaced and am healing great. I highly recommend him. – J.W.

He has done two surgical procedures on me, one being spinal fusion. Every time I have gone to the office he knows who I am and treats me like a friend. I've come to consider him one. He is good at what he does and he has a great bedside manner. When there is something that needs to be discussed with you, HE calls you, not one of his assistants. I highly recommend him. – Linda S.

Had a bad lower back for about 20 years and had 2 back operations from other orthopedic surgeons then found out about Dr. Ploska and had surgery in Dec 2015. Have no back pain now – incredible! This doctor knows what he is doing. – Carroll C.


Dr. Ploska and his staff couldn't be more kind, caring, and professional. I had SI joint surgery in March 2016, and my recovery was amazing. Honestly the first two weeks were a little rough, but afterwards for the next two I went from a walker to a cane to walking on my own in a matter of a little more than a week! My balance was better, and I no longer had the pain from bearing weight on that leg. Thank you, Dr. Ploska for taking care of me! – Anonymous

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Patient Testimonials

“I can honestly and genuinely say there is no other doctor I would rather go through this part of my life with by my side. He's a magical doctor and amazing at his craft. He treats his patients with respect and listens to them, so to him you are not just a number.”

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